Despite fire outbreak, Etsu Musa Markets Continues to be Paramount in the Development of Bida LGA

Established over 10 decades ago, the Etsu Market in Bida, Niger State has been a centre for goods to most parts of the Nation. The Estu Market operates daily and is known for farm produce, raw materials and household items. The market which continued to grow extensively experienced a huge blow in 2018 when it was engulfed by fire and burnt down. This was the point when the market had to rebuild.  

“After the fire, we began to seek aid to rebuild the market. In 2019, a series of advocacies were going on for the immediate replacement of the market and with the help of His Royal Highness, the government came to our aid and started the construction of the new ultra-modern market. However, the market is yet to be complete, so we are doing our business around the newly built market and by the roadside” – Alhaji Mohammed Usman, Chairman, Etsu Market, Bida. 

The current status quo of the market has caused a lot of challenges such as insecurity of their goods and properties, poor sanitation, no proper toilet, lack of water, and most commonly, bad roads. In particular, the market chairman expressed his displeasure on little or no dialogue with the local government responsible for the market. In exchange with the market, GIZ saw the potential in this marketing and is investing in strengthening the market actors.  

In addition to supporting dialogue with the local government, GIZ built the capacity of market management via training in key areas such as leadership, dispute resolution, organizational development, and accessing finance. This training has improved market management and has equipped them in recording some successes. 

Some Key Results 

  • A dispute resolution committee was set up, disputes are recorded for documentation and an improved conflict resolution system between traders and customers is now in place. 
  • Improved leadership and management of the market after the organisation development training. 
  • The market association employed security guards to safeguard their properties. 
  • Improved sanitation by eradicating roadside dump sites. The market association engaged a garburator that disposes of the market waste regularly and is paid from dues paid by traders 

Despite the setback experienced by the market, the Etsu Market has bounced back and doing better than they ever were. In the coming months, they will be moving to their newly built market.  

The Market Intervention

The market intervention is an initiative of the Pro-Poor Growth and Promotion of Employment in Nigeria Programme – SEDIN.

The relevance and importance of local markets and improved market services (including facilities) cannot be over-emphasized as they provide strategic institutions and economic hubs for the development of a local economy and the facilitation of business exchanges. In a market, boundaries segregation and barriers do not exist as it congregates people with a shared interest in commerce, exchange and livelihood aspirations. Therefore SEDIN has taken an interest in market intervention, considering that markets play such a significant role in daily commerce, livelihoods (providing income and employment) and improved welfare (helping to lift people out of poverty) of our target groups.

None of these interventions is funded but focused on building and enhancing the existing human capacity in the market through the associations.