SEDIN supports the capacity development of people and organisations by providing training to MSMEs, young people and other target groups to improve their entrepreneurial skills and financial literacy. Implementation partners such as microfinance banks (MFBs) and business development service providers are supported to improve their services. Furthermore, SEDIN facilitates linkages between stakeholders, through the online platform SMEline and public-private sector dialogues for improving the business environment.

SEDIN promotes access to finance and MSME development. The programme works with the CBN and other stakeholders to increase sustainable access to demand-oriented financial services for MSMEs and the low-income population. On the supply side, we focus on increasing the capacity of MFBs to improve product development, risk management and social performance. On the demand side, we focus on enhancing the financial education of MSME owners, farmers, women and the youth.

To promote MSME development SEDIN advises stakeholders to create an enabling business environment in areas such as business registration, land acquisition, construction permits and taxation. We support the development of one-stop-shops that provide a bundle of services to MSMEs. To support the capacity development of MSME, SEDIN offers a six-month training and coaching cycle called “SME Loop”.