Value Chains Development

The SEDIN value chains (VC) development goal is to contribute towards improved market systems and business environments for various actors in the value chains it operates in It aim at strengthening actors and institutions capacities, interlinkages, business relationships as well as access to market resources and opportunities. To achieve this goal, our strategy is based on the ValueLinks approach, a tried and tested methodology for value chain development.

We support value chains development in the following sectors:

  • Cosmetics Sector in Niger State
  • Soy Processing in Niger State
  • Poultry in Plateau State
  • ICT/e-commerce in Plateau, Ogun and Edo State
  • Cassava Processing in Ogun and Edo State
  • Recycling in Lagos State
  • Cassava sector in Ogun State
  • Potatoes sector in Plateau State
  • Rice sector in Niger State
  • Affordable Housing sector in FCT, Niger, Ogun and Plateau State
  • Tomato, pepper and chili in Kaduna, Kano, Plateau, Ogun and Oyo State
  • Ginger in Kaduna and Plateau State
  • Leather and garment in Abia, Kano, Lagos and Ogun State