Economic Education and Entrepreneurship

As part of the support to MSMEs, SEDIN implements the SME Business Training and Coaching Loop (SME Loop) to increase employment and income in 3 partner states. The SME Loop approach was developed and successfully piloted in Sierra Leone and is currently being rolled-out in several other countries, e.g. Nigeria, Malawi, Mali and Benin. The first SME Loop was implemented in Nigeria in 2017 over a six-month period, which was used to analyse the approach and adapt it to the Nigeria context. The revised material is being used for a second round of SME Loop implementation since October 2018 onwards.

Based on the experience from the first SME Loop in Nigeria, SEDIN developed training materials for a Business Training and Coaching Loop focused on start-ups (Start-up Loop). Since March 2018, the Start-up Loop has been implemented with 4 partner organisations in the three states.