Farmers market, Ijebu Ode, a follow up story from 2019

The Farmers market is one of the fast-growing markets in Ogun state, established in July 2019 in Ijebu Ode as a result of SEDIN intervention and support. The market has grown from being a small market to an organised thriving institution. The market leaders association (MLA) has a well-defined structure that is inclusive of all religions and cultures within the community, all traders have been categorized and all have representatives on the MLA.

Some onion traders at Farmer's market

Impressive results after the last intervention

The market has recorded growth and astounding results after the capacity building and technical support from SEDIN 3 years ago;

  • They built gates to improve market security.
  • They constructed a drainage system
  • Generate revenue from parking lots and toilets when used
  • They have expanded from 360 open stalls to 700 open stalls, from 28 lock-up shops to about 40.
  • Installed solar panels for market electricity which has increased trading time
  • Engaged cleaners to ensure proper market sanitation every day
  • An additional borehole with tanks
  • They constructed a mosque
  • Organised market sections for trading
Members of the Farmer's market association

The Market Intervention

The market intervention is an initiative of the Pro-Poor Growth and Promotion of Employment in Nigeria Programme – SEDIN.

The relevance and importance of local markets and improved market services (including facilities) cannot be over-emphasized as they provide strategic institutions and economic hubs for the development of a local economy and the facilitation of business exchanges. In a market, boundaries segregation and barriers do not exist as it congregates people with a shared interest in commerce, exchange and livelihood aspirations. Therefore SEDIN has taken an interest in market intervention, considering that markets play such a significant role in daily commerce, livelihoods (providing income and employment) and improved welfare (helping to lift people out of poverty) of our target groups.

None of these interventions is funded but focused on building and enhancing the existing human capacity in the market through the associations.

The market is a typical representation of the GIZ sustainability plan for all interventions. The market has been able to succeed and grow independently, this is the long-lasting impact we aim to achieve on all interventions.