Migration and Reintegration Initiatives

With the growing spate of migration activities in Nigeria and the far more increasing rate of irregular migration caused by a declining economic growth in Nigeria, the fundamental mandate of the Migration and Reintegration unit of SEDIN is to create economic opportunities for returning migrants and the local population. This mandate is in cognizance of the general objective of the program focused at increasing sustained employment and income generation for Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises(MSMEs). With the expansion of the SEDIN program to capture the Migration and Reintegration Unit, the dynamics of the focus group expanded to include returned migrants and local communities inclusive of intending migrants and the unemployed.

The Migration and Reintegration unit is collaborating with the Programme “Migration for Development” (PMD) through the Nigerian-German Center for Jobs Migration and Reintegration and the Skills Development for Youth Employment (SKYE) in a bilateral agreement that provides fused approaches towards solving the dynamic challenges of migration and reintegration in Nigeria. SEDIN Migration and Reintegration programmes are executed in three focal states: Lagos, Abuja and Edo State with extensions to Ogun and Ondo states.

The Entrepreneurial Cycle is a training activity aimed at providing business management skills for returning migrants and local communities. The 13 days training covers rudiments in Business Development, Financial Literacy, Sales Strategies and Client Retention. The Training also includes a 10 days’ mentorship training. The E-Cycle Training has graduated about 142 participants and have processesd them throug entreprenurial intersnhips to enhance their skills. In 2019, the activity will upscaling to 400 participants.

The financial Literacy training is a 5 days training for local communities and returnees to educate them on how to manage their finances. It is a significant part of the 3 weeks E-Cycle training. It is a SEDIN training organized by the Access to Finance unit (add link to access to finance).

The individual Business Coaching is an 8 weeks 1-on-1 business coaching targeted specifically at German Returnees who have already existing local business. The training supports participants by providing work equipment through a selection process.

The Entrepreneurial Thinking training is a two- day training co-anchored by SEDIN and PMD with up to 100 participants per location. It is organized as part of the Career Path training. The Entrepreneurial Thinking serves as the entry point for local communities and returnees to participate in the E-Cycle. The major aim of the training is to help participants draw a clear career path for the future. In 2019, the training holds in five locations; Edo, Lagos and Abuja, Ondo and Osun State.