The H-HACK Challenge: Winners

SEDIN announces the three winners of the Nigeria Primary Health Care Innovation Hackathon

Sustainable Development Initiative

SDI Sustainable Development Initiative (SDI) is a Non-Governmental Organization working to improve the health and economic conditions of women, children, and other vulnerable groups in Nigeria. The Organization in partnership with AfyaRekod will deploy the myRekod solution, which is a patient-centred healthcare platform that focuses on consolidated ownership, continued access, and mobility of healthcare data for the patient across the various healthcare value chain. It connects all the various ecosystems to the patient via the MyRekod platform built using blockchain and AI technologies. Through the MyRekod platform, patients are able to digitally store and access their health records, track their health status, communicate with providers, and receive support and guidance. Health practitioners are listed in our marketplace and patients can find them, book appointments for a physical consultation or a tele-health service. We are able to power the practitioner’s facility as a digital clinic with our B2B platform. Features like the e-prescription and e-pharmacy are beneficial to the practitioners as they are able to manage the treatment process for their patient and increase their revenue through our platform.

The partnership will see SDI conducting community mobilization, advocacy, and provision of health education to women and children in the selected health care facilities. In addition, SDI will conduct monitoring and evaluation role in this project. Afyarekord on the other hand will deploy the platform, charge fees for the deployment and track utilization of the myrekord platform across the various healthcare facilities.

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Natal Cares

Natal Cares is a social enterprise that leverages on the power of mobile technology, machine learning and low-cost innovation to combat maternal and infant mortality in Nigeria. Primarily focusing on providing Live-Saving Healthcare Information, mental and emotional healthcare support, medical monitoring and emergency services to at-risk pregnant women, vulnerable children and nursing mothers reaching them in their hometowns and villages and advocating for better access to healthcare at primary healthcare centers especially in under-served communities.

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Healthstack is a digital healthcare platform that digitises all forms of provider organisations such as hospitals/clinics (primary, secondary, or tertiary), pharmacies, laboratories, imaging centres, blood banks, etc. as well as health insurance organisations either state-owned or private HMOs. These are then interconnected to form a digital primary healthcare network with the patient/citizen connected at the centre through various interfaces such as voice, SMS, USSD, Chat, WhatsApp, Mobile app, Web apps, etc.

This organisation allows us to overcome the fragmentations and unlock the value that is inherent in collaborative care across the ecosystem which would, in turn, form a key leverage for healthcare system strengthening in resource-constrained settings such as ours. It also has implications for disease surveillance and early warning systems driven by a 360-degree awareness of the healthcare ecosystem.

Healthstack provides digital tools that make it easier for patients to access healthcare services, regardless of their location. Healthstack’s technology streamlines various healthcare providers’ operations and processes to deliver high-quality care within the healthcare system, such as telemedicine capabilities, appointment scheduling, medical record-keeping, and payments, reducing the administrative burden on healthcare providers.

The citizen’s mobile app provides patients with access to their medical records, enabling them to take a more proactive role in their own health.

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