The H-HACK Challenge

SEDIN is looking for innovative technological and business solutions to address the major challenges identified in the primary health sector, with promising adoption interest among the stakeholders.

Your solution should be answering to at least one of the following criteria:

  • It’s a mobile based (SMS or App) solutions for primary health care patients’ management, monitor, follow up, medication delivery
  • It’s a mobile based (SMS or App) solution facilitating primary health workers continuous learning (mobile friendly)
  • It’s a solution specifically dedicated to improving women health or maternity care services
  • It’s a solution which facilitates data interoperability and exchange between Primary Health Care centres
  • It’s a solution which fosters the aggregation or bundling of existing innovative services
  • It’s a solution for community-based health care insurance

H-HACK Timeline


From 10th April 2023

Join LinkedIn Group

From 10th April 2023

H-HACK informative webinar

On Tuesday 25th April 2023, 2pm Nigerian Time

Submission deadline

5th May 2023, 5pm Nigerian Time

Announcement of results

By 12th June 2023

How to Participate

Register and download the Application Form

Register your interest in participating in the H-HACK and download the application form. Click here!

Join the LinkedIn Group

Post your questions about the H-HACK to the SEDIN team through the LinkedIn group. We will post on the answers on the group. Be informed about the informative webinar and watch the recording online if you may not attend.

Informative Webinar

Attend the webinar on 24th April 2023. If you have questions about the H-HACK. The link to the webinar will be posted on the LinkedIn group.


Submit your proposal. Please make sure to include a link to your pitching video (see Rules below). Deadline: 2nd May 2023, 5pm Nigerian Time.


Results will be announced on this website, on the Linkedin group, and via email to all the participants by 12th June 2023.

  • The H-HACK is open to all Nigerians and organisations operating in Nigeria with at least 1 year of operations, and at least 2 team members
  • The registration number (RC) is not mandatory
  • It is also possible to participate as a Consortium (i.e. two different organisations presenting a joint proposal)
  • The H-HACK encourages women’s participation, applications with at least 1 female team member will be granted extra 0.5 points in the evaluation
  • The H-HACK encourages youth’s participation, applications with at least 1team member below 29 years old (at the time of the application) will be granted extra 0.5 points in the evaluation
  1. Is the project ready-to-deploy and put into operation today?
  2. Does the project address one or more of the challenge tracks? 
  3. Does the project solve a real problem, and does it meet a clearly established user need?
  4. How many primary health care organisations/patients would potentially benefit from the solution?
  5. Does the solution address privacy, ethics, and accessibility issues?
  6. Does the project have a sound business case/business model?
  1. Each applicant can submit only 1 proposal
  2. Only proposals submitted through the website will be evaluated
  3. Only proposals received by the deadline will be evaluated
  4. Intellectual property rights will remain in with the maker, we encourage open source solutions

A jury made of experts in the field will select 3 winners. The 3 winners will:

  • Be invited to pitch their innovation to potential investors and decision-makers from the private and public sectors.
  • Be paired with mentors who will support the development of their ideas.
  • Get the opportunity to expose their innovations online via publications and on the website.
  • Get media visibility during the pitch session.