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The business enabling environment (BEE) work of SEDIN focusses on the removal of constraints in the business regulatory and institutional environment to make the business climate friendlier, less cumbersome and easy to comply with for MSMEs. The BEE intervention is posed to facilitate and promote reforms targeted at strengthening the capacities of stakeholders (both public and private sector) to better advocate, initiate and implement reforms that result in improved performance of MSMEs, increase income and employment generation. The Business enabling environment reforms operates on four thematic areas: Land Administration: obtaining construction permit; Company registration, Taxation, enforcement of contracts: Commercial dispute resolution.  Owing to the overarching goal(s) of the project, our work serves as a lynchpin between the private sector (business community/MSMEs) and government agencies as they jointly work together through the process of initiation of reforms, trainings and public private dialogue. Basically, BEE support approach on all thematic areas are structured in similar pattern which includes supporting both parties with evidence of the problem and proper diagnosis of the problem (research), providing platforms for dialogue and facilitating a meaningful discourse (Public-Private Dialogue – PPD), enhancing capacity to deliver reforms (technical support and trainings) and increasing awareness on reforms. This support approach is explained further in the diagram below


To support reforms that protect MSMEs from unfavorable tax conditions e.g. payment of illegal and excessive taxes, levies and charges, harassment by tax officials as well as promote voluntary tax compliance


State Internal Revenue Service (Plateau, Ogun and Niger)
State Ministry of Commerce and/or Investment
Local Government authorities
Business Development Committees (BDCs)


  • Supported various Public private dialogues to identify key issues/ reform needs and agree with stakeholders on best approach to resolve them.
  • Institutional strengthening for government agencies towards effective implementation of reforms
  • Tax for service initiative in Plateau
  • Improved service delivery in public institutions through technical support and capacity building.
  • Promote tax education for the private sector through awareness raising, engagement at all levels and sensitization.
  • Increased voluntary tax compliance by the private sector/ business community
Niger and Plateau states has since 2017 signed into law the tax Harmonization bill and currently implementing the law in the state.
Land administration / dealing with construction permit
Business / Premises / cooperatives Registration
Commercial Dispute Resolution

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