Value Chains Development

The SEDIN value chains (VC) development goal is to contribute towards improved market systems and business environments for various actors in the value chains it operates in It aims at strengthening actors and institutions capacities, interlinkages, business relationships as well as access to market resources and opportunities. To achieve this goal, our strategy is based on the ValueLinks approach, a tried and tested methodology for value chain development.

We support value chains development in the following sectors:
  • Cassava sector in Ogun State
  • Potatoes sector in Plateau State
  • Rice sector in Niger State
  • Affordable Housing sector in FCT, Niger, Ogun and Plateau State
  • Tomato, pepper and chili in Kaduna, Kano, Plateau, Ogun and Oyo State
  • Ginger in Kaduna and Plateau State
  • Leather and garment in Abia, Kano, Lagos and Ogun State
Cassava Value Chain


To improve the coordination between value chain actors to increase the supply of cassava from farmers to processors. This will ensure the right raw material is delivered to processing plants in the most efficient and cost-effective manner.
To support the actors, dissemination and adoption of improved technologies for cassava production and processing in the value chain.


Ministry of Agriculture, Ogun State
Cassava Revolution programme
All farmers Association of Nigeria (AFAN)
Nigeria Cassava Growers Association (NCGA)
Mokk Investment Limited
Unilever Plc
National Cassava Processors and Marketers Association
IITA (International Institute of Tropical Agriculture)
FIIRO (Federal Institute of Industrial Research)
Saro Agro Science
TOOAN (Tractors Owner and operator Association Nigeria


Capacity Building and Training
  • Group formation and organisational development
  • Rapid Stem Multiplication
  • GAP (Good Agronomic Practice)
  • Sustainable Agricultural practice (SAC)
  • Farmer Business School (FBS)
  • Entrepreneurship training
  • Weed management control and safe use of herbicides
  • Strengthening capacity of processors to guarantee quality and regular supply of finished cassava products
  • HQCP (High quality cassava peel).
Strengthening Supply Chain Management of Cassava Factories
  • Advocacy for the provision of rural infrastructures (through state/ LG's interventions)
  • Clustered farmers group around processors for better coordination
  • Sensitized actors on contract farming and encouraged signing of MoU so as to ensure guaranteed supply of raw materials.
Promote Quality Management and Effective Fiscal Policy Advocacy
  • Organised Innovative Stakeholders Platform/Forums/Meetings
  • Adequate monitoring of all processors/farmers on quality assurance, standards and best practices
  • Conducted surveys to assess the current status of cassava VC in the state
  • Advocated for single digit interest rate (BoA, BoI, commercial banks, etc.) on credit to farmers, processors and relevant cassava stakeholders in a timely manner.
Potatoes Value Chain
Rice Value Chain
Affordable Housing Value Chain
Tomato, pepper and chili
Leather and garment

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