GIZ SEDIN Set To Raise Under 25 CEOs in Nigeria

Today the Niger state SEA-Hub Alumni Network officially kickstarts Alumni activities with an engagement workshop in Minna. This is a sequel to the set-up of the Plateau State SEA-Hub Alumni Network chapter in Jos which commenced on Thursday, 17th November 2022.

An estimated 20% of over 30,000 SEA-Hub students reached have now graduated from secondary school having participated actively in SEA-Hub while in school. To ensure continuity of impactful learning with deliberate effort towards raising young innovative entrepreneurs, active engagement of the SEA-Hub graduates through an Alumni network platform referred to as the SEA-Hub Alumni Network (SHAN) was launched on the 20th October 2022 in Abuja during the SEA-Hub National Competition and Exhibition. In the long term, it is desirous to see the SHAN fulfil the vision of raising NIGERIAs UNDER 25 CEOs.

The SEA-Hub Alumni Engagement and Inauguration Workshop activity is the official kickoff of SEA-Hub Alumni Network (SHAN) activities in Niger, Ogun and Plateau States.

To achieve the objectives of SHAN, a SEA-Hub Technical Advisory Group (TAG) is inaugurated on the first day of the workshops in each of the 3 pioneer states. The TAG is a state-based SEA-Hub Alumni stakeholders group which is made up of relevant organisations from the public and private sectors. The members of the TAG will serve as mentors, business development support, training and coaching advisors to the SHAN group.

The last two days see the Alumni through a capacity-building workshop where they will learn how to run successful Alumni Activities.

The Ogun state chapter of SHAN is set to kick start its activities by 2nd December 2022.

#SEAHub is an initiative of the Pro-poor Growth and Employment in Nigeria Programme, SEDIN. The programme is implemented by GIZ Nigeria and funded by the  Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ)

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