• Value Chains Development

    Value Chains Development

Value Chains DevelopmentThe promotion of agricultural and non-agricultural value chains (VCs) will help to diversify the economy and enable the programme to ascertain the effects of the reforms promoted in all four units and design reforms in line with VC-specific target group needs. SEDIN has selected four VCs: rice in Niger, cassava in Ogun, potato in Plateau and construction with a focus on the low-cost housing sector as a cross-cutting non-agricultural VC in all states.

The SEDIN Value Chain Unit promotes selected value chains in Niger, Ogun and Plateau State.

A value chain is:

  • a sequence of related business activities (functions) from the provision of specific inputs for a particular product to primary production, transformation, marketing, and up to the final sale of the particular product to consumers (the functional view on a value chain).
  • the set of enterprises (operators) performing these functions i.e. producers, processors, traders and distributors of a particular product. Enterprises are linked by a series of business transactions in which the product is passed on from primary producers to end consumers.

According to the sequence of functions and operators, value chains consist of a series of chain links (or stages).

Value Chains development supports Pro-Poor Growth

Our point of departure and indeed the fundamental goal is that of “pro-poor growth” (PPG). In this sense, the objective of the SEDIN value chain unit is employment and income generation, especially on the level of micro, small and medium enterprises.

We believe that economic growth and the market success of poor people are capable of contribute significantly to a sustainable solution to the problem of poverty. Wherever poor people are able to participate in product markets, e.g. in the markets for food or labour-intensive non-agricultural sectors, promoting the respective value chains can help lift people out of poverty. Our promotion strategy is based on the ValueLinks approach, a general methodology for value chain development. To foster sustainably SEDIN supports Nigerian actors to be able to apply the value chain approach independently after the end of the SEDIN programme. 

SEDIN Supported Value Chains

Presently we support value chains in the following sectors:

  • Cassava sector in Ogun State
  • Potatoes sector in Plateau State
  • Rice sector in Niger State
  • Housing sector in Niger, Ogun and Plateau State